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Adolescent Services

For those individuals age 17 and under will receive the following care Phase I - Intensive Adolescent Outpatient Treatment: 2 hours daily for a total of 10 hours per week of group therapy.  Individual appointments available as needed will be provided as needed. Phase II - Adolescent Outpatient Treatment: 2 days per week of group therapy.  Individual appointments will be provided as needed. As described by their own treatment plan, adolescents receive a variety of community based services that offer support in the home, in academic settings.

Case Management: Case management services engage the child and family in activities and sessions designed to help the child reach their goals while monitoring the child’s progress. The service continues to assist the child and family in developing a treatment plan to help the minor maintain residence in the community, finding resources for the child and family, and help the family coordinate other areas of the child’s wellbeing.

Parent Support and Education: Sever Emotional Disorder, or SED, is a term used to describe individuals who have any type of behavioral, emotional, or mental health disorders. These disorders can range from mental health problems such as mild depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or obsessive-compulsive disorder to developmental disorders such as autism. There are a variety of services available for children who experience emotional and behavioral challenges with that includes a collaborative and comprehensive providers from different fields who work together to address the needs of each child individually.